TBL 101: Introduction to TBL

Wednesday, June 6, 2018
9:00 am – 12:00 noon
Room 135, Harrell Medical Education Building


Are you ready to incorporate more active learning methods into your teaching style?  Have you ever wondered how to go about “flipping” your classroom?  If either answer is “Yes”, consider trying Team-Based Learning (TBL).  TBL is a structured small group active learning method that motivates students through a readiness assurance process to come to class prepared, teaches team skills via experience, and most importantly focuses classroom time on higher order skills such as problem-solving and decision-making.  This workshop will be a great introduction to TBL, and will be conducted in the TBL format.  Participants will prepare ahead, take a readiness assurance test, and then engage actively with their assigned team members.  The structure, process, and essential characteristics of an effective TBL module will be emphasized.


  1. Explain the key components of a successful TBL module.
  2. Outline how they would construct a TBL module from a set of objectives.
  3. Describe how they might convert a course/lecture they already teach into a TBL module.
  4. Illustrate how to transform a small group into a productive learning-team.

Preparation Assignment Please read TBL101_Workshop_Prereading before the workshop.

Workshop Presenters:

Wayne T. McCormack, PhD
Distinguished Teaching Scholar & Professor
Dept. of Pathology, Immunology & Laboratory Medicine
UF College of Medicine
Past President, Team-Based Learning Collaborative
Michelle Farland, PharmD
Clinical Associate Professor
Dept. of Pharmacotherapy & Translational Research
UF College of Pharmacy
TBLC Trainer-Consultant
President-Elect, Team-Based Learning Collaborative