Educational Scholarship Program

Program Overview

The Educational Scholarship Program (ESP) focuses on teaching scholarship and educational research for all professional faculty, as well as graduate students and postdocs interested in academic careers, within the six co-located health science colleges.

The goals of ESP are to: 

  • Provide a platform for sharing expertise across colleges,
  • Sponsor educational development efforts for faculty in all HSC colleges,
  • Enhance recognition of educational scholarship across the HSC,
  • Reduce duplication of faculty development effort,
  • Coordinate and cross-advertise relevant faculty development events,
  • Promote interprofessional collaboration across colleges, and
  • Support promotion and tenure processes in all HSC colleges.

The ESP will conduct an outcomes assessment each year to determine changing faculty needs and ensure program quality.  Seminars and workshops tailored to faculty needs will be planned for each academic year. Participants have the opportunity to earn tiered certifications akin to an academy level recognition.  As shown on the ESP Award Criteria  page, there are five (5) levels of certification:  Educator, Educational Innovator, Educational Collaborator, Educational Researcher, and Educational Leader.  The table lists the criteria that must be completed for each level of award, the type of documentation needed to demonstrate proof or completion, and the related award. An overview of the types of faculty recognition follows or you may prefer to refer to the ESP Award Criteria page.

The progression of award levels moves from: (1) attendance, (2) application of new knowledge, (3) collaboration, (4) conducting an educational research study, and (5) receipt of funding.  In brief, the “Educator” award, a certificate, will be based on attending 20 hours of faculty development programs, within the ESP and one or more of the health science programs.  Faculty completing tier 2, “Educational Innovator”, will be awarded an engraved Educational Scholarship Program plaque with the separate plate that reads, “Educational Innovator”.  For tier 3, a plate that reads, that reads “Educational Collaborator” will be added to the plaque.  For tier 4, a plate that reads, that reads “Educational Researcher” will be added to the plaque.  For tier 5, a plate that reads, that reads “Educational Leader” will be added to the plaque.

Documentation of accomplishments to meet criteria for each level of recognition is the submission of brief narratives, which would be reviewed by a committee of faculty members and judged for merit and matching program requirements and goals.  If not approved, faculty will be provided feedback about next steps to meet goals and identify support that might be needed to earn the next level of recognition.  Other methods of documentation that are consistent with the format of promotion and tenure packets will also be acceptable.

The CTSI’s Educational Development and Evaluation Office, directed by Dr. Linda S. Behar-Horenstein, will oversee this program and track participant attendance.