HSC Education Journal Club

Journal Club is on hiatus for the summer.  If you come across a paper that might be of interest to our health sciences education research & scholarship group, please consider presenting during the 2015-2016 academic year.  We will poll everyone to decide on a meeting day and time.

2014-2015 SESSIONS:

October 7 – Amy Blue:  “Promoting reflection by using contextual activity sampling: a study on students’ interprofessional learning” J Interprof Care 28(5): 400–406, 2014  Oct 7 Ed Journal Club Paper

December 2 – Erik W. Black:  “Do Learners Really Know Best? Urban Legends in Education” Educational Psychologist 48(3): 169-183  Dec 2 Ed Journal Club Paper

January 13 – Linda Behar-Horenstein:  “Using mixed methods to investigate factors influencing reporting of livestock diseases: A case study among smallholders in Bolivia” Preventive Veterinary Medicine 113:185– 196, 2014
Jan 13 Ed Journal Club Paper

March 3 –  Nicole Paradise Black: “Parallel Learner/Instructor Survey Design and Mixed Methods Approach to Examine Perceptions of Autonomy in Training”.    Mar 3 Ed Journal Club Paper
For additional background information:  Mar 3 Supplement 1    Mar 3 Supplement 2

April – No Journal Club this month.  All were invited to attend COM Medical Education Week Seminars

  • Monday, April 6, Richard Gunderman, MD, PhD, Indiana University Center for Bioethics, Indiana University School of Medicine:  “The Purpose and Meaning of Medical Education”
  • Tuesday, April 7, Eduardo Salas, PhD, Institute for Simulation & Training, University of Central Florida:  “Creating a Culture of Teamwork to Save Lives: What Does it Take?
  • Wednesday, April 8, Lisa J. Merlo, PhD, MPE, Dept. of Psychiatry, UF College of Medicine:  “Stress and Wellness Among Medical Students in Florida”
  • Thursday, April 9, Mobeen Rathore, MBBS, Dept. of Pediatrics, UF COM Jacksonville:  “Legislative Issues in Graduate Medical Education”
  • Friday, April 10, Joseph C. Fantone, MD. Senior Associate Dean for Educational Affairs, UF College of Medicine:  “UF College of Medicine: Post Self-Study – Opportunities Ahead”

May 5 – Amara Estrada:  “Raising Awareness of the Hidden Curriculum in Health Sciences Education”.  JVME 41:344-349, 2014.  May 5 Ed Journal Club Paper  Amara Estrada led a discussion to explore facets of the “hidden curriculum”, whether it should be made more explicit to learners, methods for unveiling it, and why it matters when evaluating our curricula.  The hidden curriculum is defined as the information we unintentionally teach about the realities of everyday life in a community of practice.  This so-called hidden curriculum sometimes conflicts with the ideals we intend to teach in the formal curriculum.