Workshop Faculty

If you are interested in meeting individually with Dr. Chauvin, please contact Dr. Wayne McCormack.

Sheila Chauvin, MEd, PhD

Director, Office of Medical Education Development and Research
Louisiana State University School of Medicine – New Orleans

Dr. Sheila Chauvin is the founding Director of the Office of Medical Education Research and Development, the founding Director of the Academy for the Advancement of Educational Scholarship, and a tenured Professor at the Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center in New Orleans. Dr. Chauvin has 37 years of professional experience and is well-known for her expertise and achievements in educational research, teaching/learning effectiveness, faculty development, curriculum and educational program development, development and implementation of assessment and evaluation systems, educational leadership and change processes. Dr. Chauvin has worked with colleagues at LSUHSC and at a variety of medical schools to enhance teaching and education and to create programs and activities that foster faculty development and involvement in educational scholarship. Colleagues often described her as a teacher of teachers and a highly effective mentor. They cite her leadership effectiveness and adept skills for facilitating innovation, collaboration, and successful change and improvement processes. She has created numerous innovative programs that have been successful and sustainable, of which a number have included strong coaching and mentoring components.

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Ann W. Frye, PhD

Recently retired from University of Texas Medical Branch, Galveston, TX
Associate Professor of Internal Medicine
Assistant Dean for Educational Development
Director, Office of Educational Development

Dr. Frye received her Ph.D. in Educational Research and Measurement from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro. Her interests include curriculum change and evaluation, course and program evaluation, interprofessional education, performance assessment, and educational research design and data analysis. Dr. Frye directed a longitudinal research project on medical student characteristics and was active in research projects focusing on interprofessional education. She continues to provide consultation with faculty for the development of learner assessments, including written and performance examinations. Dr. Frye conducts workshops and consults with individuals and committees with regard to medical education issues.

Janet Hafler, EdD

Assistant Dean for Educational Scholarship, Yale School of Medicine

As Associate Dean for Educational Scholarship Dr. Hafler is professor in Pediatrics and works both in Graduate Medical Education and Undergraduate Medical Education.  She received her master’s degree in education specializing in maternal and child health from Columbia University and her doctorate in Education from Harvard University.  She focuses on assisting faculty, students, and residents to explore innovative ways to effectively promote learning in both the classroom and the clinical settings.  Promoting, influencing and nurturing a climate in which physicians, residents and students can teach — and learn — has been foremost among her career objectives.  She has focused on providing an awareness of context for students, residents and faculty, urging them to be innovative in their many teaching environments and encouraging them to explore ways to understand how they can effectively promote learning in their interactions among themselves.  Dr. Hafler runs an active research program applying qualitative research methods in medical education.  She collaborates with and mentors clinicians and faculty on the elements of qualitative research in the field of medical education and medical care.  In turn, mentored faculty members have learned to develop and demonstrate the tools necessary to effectively teach and lead others.  Dr. Hafler has published over 50 book chapters, curriculum materials and original articles in medical education and clinical journals.  She has served as visiting professor internationally and has been invited to present regularly at regional and national professional meetings.

Larry Gruppen, PhD

Professor of Learning Health Sciences, University of Michigan Medical School

Research and scholarly interests: clinical reasoning, therapeutic decision making, faculty development effectiveness, economics of medical education, assessment in competency-based education, educational leadership development

Subject-matter expertise: assessment and measurement, expertise and expert performance, study design, quantitative methods, reasoning and decision making

Other professional highlights:
* Over 100 peer-reviewed publications
* Founding Chair of the Association of American Medical College’s Medical Education Research Certificate program
* Former chair of the Department of Medical Education at University of Michigan
* More than US$1.1 million in educational research grant funding
* Co-director, Best Evidence Medical Education International Collaborative Centre, Association for Medical Education in Europe
* Offices and leadership positions in various medical education societies
* Faculty, Master of Health Professions Education program